Marrakech International Film Festival Lineup Revealed

The 16th edition of the International Marrakech Film Festival, set to be held from December 2 to 10, features an impressive lineup of films.


The festival certainly supports diversity. Though only 14 films will be officially competing next month, the festival will screen a total of 30 films from 28 different countries. 

Below is a list of the 14 films included in the festival’s official competition:

  • The Story of a Mother, Sandrine Veysset (France)
  • The Donor, Zang Qiwu (Chine)
  • The Blind Christ, Christopher Murray (France, Chili)
  • Zoology, Ivan I. Tverdovsky (Russia, France, Germany)
  • Shepherds and Butchers, Olivier Schmitz (South Africa, United States, Germany)
  • The Road to Mandalay, Midi Z (Taïwan, France, Burma, Germany)
  • Parting, Navid Mahmoudi (Iran, Afghanistan)
  • Mister Universo, Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel (Austria, Italy)
  • Knife in the clear water, Wang Xuebo (China)
  • Kings of the Belgians, Peter Brosens et Jessica Woodworth (Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria)
  • Hearstone, Gudmundur Aranar Gudmundsson (Denmark, Iceland)
  • The Fixer, Adrian Sitaru (Romania)
  • The Fits, Anna Rose Holmer (United States)
  • All of a Sudden, Asli Ozge (Germany, France, Netherlands)